Umbrella Man Gallery

The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather

In this book the Umbrella Man comes upon a mysterious feather. Following a series of enigmatic clues he goes in search of the origin of the feather through a series of magical places.

Time by the River

The new year has dawned and the old one has drifted into the past. Everything feels decidedly in flux and uncertain. The constant mantra that I hear of wanting things to 'return to normal' always catches my attention for it suggests that things were normal before. Its...

A most curious year

It sure has proved to be a most curious year and certainly far from how any of us imagined it was going to be. However despite the unsettling nature of world events I personally found it to be an extremely inspiring time. The quieting of human activity and the vivid...

New creative directions

It seems that currently many new avenues are appearing in my work, new creative directions. As time inevitably wind us along much is revealed that was previously hidden especially when it comes to creative pursuits. So entirely mysterious is the constant searching in...

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