My partner Lucy and I have just returned from an art themed expedition to France travelling in a blue van. Quite the eventful time it was as these things always are. Great distances we’re travelled and many colours soaked the senses.

Our intention was to spend the majority of time in Provence spending a few days in the different places that we found ourselves while always focusing on our art. It is a simple and complete delight to while away the hours in the pine forests and cafes of that part of the world, drawing and painting as the inspiration comes.

Provence has of course a long history of attracting artists and along the way we paid visits to some of the galleries in the region to admire the works of those gone before. It sure is a dusty flower strewn land and during our time there the atmosphere slowly absorbed into us where it remains upon return. After just over a month of our travels in France we turned the blue van homewards and slowly began the journey home.

Along the way we found ourselves in Bordeaux, a charmed city and to where we have every intention of returning.

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