Currently at this time Lucy and I are working on creating art studios and a gallery in the delightful little village of Palnackie in Scotland. Thanks to a remarkable amount of serendipity and fortune¬† we’re able to rent an Old Mill, one of the oldest buildings in the village.

It is indeed a beautiful building and entirely ideal for what we are planning. It has been so encouraging also to receive so much support and enthusiasm from local people in the area. Slowly but surely it is starting to take shape and already the upstairs of the Mill is a usable studio space complete with a 1950’s kitchen!

Downstairs is going to be the gallery space and arts cafe. The vision is to have a cosy seating area filled with unusual furniture and house plants. There shall also be a large number of interesting books to peruse while sipping tea or coffee.

The walls all around the space shall be adorned with a constantly rotating selection of paintings and drawings. The intention is very much to create something out of the ordinary and to provide visitors with a more unusual art gallery experience whenever they visit the Old Mill Studios.

Not wanting to put more pressure on ourselves than is necessary we are not setting a date when we’ll be ready to open, rather just working away until that time is eventually here. Hopefully at some point I’ll find some time to do some painting!

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