It sure has proved to be a most curious year and certainly far from how any of us imagined it was going to be. However despite the unsettling nature of world events I personally found it to be an extremely inspiring time. The quieting of human activity and the vivid abundant spring were a very conducive combination for my work. I’m also ever more grateful to where I live, the abundant space, the river and the immense skies which are always a joy to be out experiencing.

It has been immensely satisfying to finally have finished my book, ‘A Vast and Brilliant Sky‘ which I had been working on for some time. The book has changed considerably from when it started out as a children’s book and for a while I became disheartened with it. This year however it at last came together into what it is now, encouraging contemplative spaciousness with a sequence of words and illustrations.

The sky and it’s ever changing moods in general captured my attention considerably during this time and I found myself observing it more closely than usual. This has culminated in a number of oil paintings rendered often a looser more expressive style than in the past. These sky studies culminated in a exhibition in the summer called ‘Sky meditations’ which saw the sky as a reflection of our own internal weather with all it’s changing moods and states of mind.

I’m also doing a considerable amount of print making currently with atmospheric skies as a starting point before the outcome at times becoming non distinct, almost abstract. I’m finding that I’m getting increasingly interested in this and how we emotionally engage with and respond to colour, form and shape. I definitely see this as a containing line of enquiry in the next little while.

There are also various books in process including a collaboration with my brother on a collection of illustrated stories that hopefully will be completed this winter, watch this space!

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