My story

Artist, author and musician

I was for some mysterious and rather welcome reason born on the small island of Bermuda, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid summer of 1986. A few years later we moved to Guernsey in the channel islands where my brother and sister were born and we grew up. Scotland came next with school and so forth. Deciding to free myself from the shackles of forced education, and thanks to a very supportive understanding mother, I ended up venturing to a remote outpost that went by the name of Ullapool in North West Scotland. I went with the intention of attending an art course there.

Mid summer flow

This duly turned out to be instrumental to all that has followed in regards to painting and artwork. The dramatic winter landscapes, along with the cascading river below the studio itself, really was an incredible setting to create art in along with some really delightful gentle people who I was on the course with. The memories of the oppressive regime of art teachers before while at school, with the usual being shouted at for not drawing a twig 'properly' for example, began to fade.

The rivers in particular attracted me and especially light and the rushing water. I thoroughly enjoyed painting on vast pieces of paper using everything imaginable. It really was all incredibly inspiring and my sincere thanks goes to Eleanor White for helping me so much which my confidence and inspiration which continues to this day.

Well time has moved on and I’ve certainly painted a great deal of paintings in the meantime, for a long time focusing on landscapes, mostly rivers, sunlight and water. A while ago, as I was lying down to go to sleep, I thought that it would be fun to paint a man sitting in an upturned umbrella in the rain reading a book! Well little was I to know who, the soon to be named, 'Umbrella Man' would become.

This character has now become the focus of a children’s book I’ve just completed called "The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather",and I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of something before. Some of the images in the surreal gallery are scenes from the book to give you an idea of what it’s about and the general atmosphere of the story. I have many more stories planned and very much looking forwards to starting a new one.

Reading by moon light

These days’ things certainly have gone very colourful and dreamy! I have constantly been moving away from just river scenes to a more fairytale like world and sometimes combining the two. Because I paint very quickly I use a thick acrylic on paper and canvas and I’m hoping to do some more mixed media work soon. I very much intend for my paintings to speak for themselves, and really aim for them to project places I’d like and the viewer might like to be!

Apart from art I find myself writing songs quite often these days and shall be recording another album soon. I really do adore music and this saying sums it up well: “when music sounds, gone is the world I know”. Also I very much enjoy poetry reading and writing my own. I’m hoping so get a little collection of my own printed when I have the right material together. And well I really just like all sorts of things and seem to have a mind full of parallel worlds and places where I travel freely. If I get things really going I would very much like to make a positive impact on this world, as much as I can, which definitely could do with a lot more peace and understanding.

I have so many plans indeed and you can see what is currently happening in my blog. I would also like to meet as many people as possible who have that glint in there eye. Well there’s lots more of course but that’s a little background for those who would like to know. Please get in touch with any quires you may have.


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