"The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather", an exclusive preview

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After depicting this mysterious character for a number of years floating and flying around various scenes, I decided to turn his travels into a children’s book called "The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather". Little was I to know upon embarking on this concept what an epic project it would prove to be, and the sense of achievement, since completing it, is immense I have to say!

The original story (which of course has changed around a lot) was 3500 words which of course was far too long. My brother, who has been a great help with his advice and thoughts, suggested making the narrative very simple and let the paintings speak. This and finding the missing link to the story meant it all finally came together in the way I guess I had subconsciously hoped for.

After a huge amount of endless altering and painting I’m absolutely delighted with the final result and so hope it inspires as many children and people as possible. Imagine flying over a vast forest of misty pine trees, above moonlit clouds or over a rolling ocean in a colourful magic flying umbrella! I know I would,that’s for sure, and if you would to, come along!

As for the identity of the Umbrella Man well I’ll let you decide. I’m saying nothing! Without being overt and forceful I hope/would like the stories to have a subtle but strong ecological, caring for the world message in them. I despair that the Human race still insists on being separate from and destroying nature and therefore itself. However I’m essentially positive and think very soon there is going to be a complete alteration of attitude and perception, to a far more positive and harmonious existence with the planet and ourselves, I hope so any way!

It’s a very beautiful place this world and needs respect and care, I intend to do as much as possible in helping this come about, and I hope this story and the ones that follow will inspire people to wake up and dream. I’m very much looking forward to beginning work on the next adventure which is going to involve a whale, deserts and the vast oceans this space and remember to look up at night, if you’re beyond the cities glare.

"The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather" is a limited edition book and each copy is signed by the author, Edward Campbell.

My story

I was for some mysterious and rather welcome reason born on the small island of Bermuda, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid summer of 1986. A few years later we moved to Guernsey in the channel islands where my brother and sister were born and we grew up. Scotland came next with school and so forth. Deciding to free myself from the shackles of forced education, and thanks to a very supportive understanding mother, I ended up venturing to a remote outpost that went by the name of Ullapool in North West Scotland. I went with the intention of attending an art course there. Read on...