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This website showcases some of the work created by artist, author and musician Edward Campbell. You can explore extraordinary paintings in the surreal, landscape and archive galleries, preview Edward's enchanting new children's book called "The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather", download paintings for your computer, keep up to date with the latest developments in the blog, or get in touch to find out more.


Surreal gallery

Landscape gallery

Surreal print gallery Landscape print gallery

Visit the surreal gallery and browse through wonderfully fantastic surreal paintings.

Visit the landscape gallery and browse through beautiful waterscapes and moody sunsets.

My story

I was for some mysterious and rather welcome reason born on the small island of Bermuda, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid summer of 1986. A few years later we moved to Guernsey in the channel islands where my brother and sister were born and we grew up. Scotland came next with school and so forth. Deciding to free myself from the shackles of forced education, and thanks to a very supportive understanding mother, I ended up venturing to a remote outpost that went by the name of Ullapool in North West Scotland. I went with the intention of attending an art course there. Read on...